Tips on screening a Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Here are a few tips to be able to screen a Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

1.) Check your Remodeling Contractors License to verify if they have the credentials to do Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor jobs. Therefore, this should give you a good start.

2.) Verify their license number is valid in the state of California. Sometimes, an unlicensed Kitchen Remodeling Contractor will advertise their number. Consequently, hoping that it might go unnoticed.

3.) These unlicensed Contractors have tricked unsuspecting people by providing an “occupancy permit” or a business license. Make sure their credentials list “licensed contractor” which will verify validity just for a Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor. As a result, ask if the Remodeling Contractor took a test to obtain it.  rest assure, it is a requirement.

4.) Make sure the licensed Remodeling Contractor is valid to perform the work you’re needing. For instance: A licensed plumber isn’t verified to do dentistry. Therefore, you most likely wouldn’t hire them to do so.

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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