Payment Schedules…a good sign.

Payment schedules are important and an excellent sign of a true professional

1.) A payment schedule is an important part of your Home Improvement project . As a general Rule, most Remodeling Contractors require down-payment of up-to 50% before the start of your New Build or Remodeling job. This is perfectly normal and expected, provided you’ve done your homework to verify the contractors credentials. These payments are sometimes crucial in order to purchase the necessary materials and gear up for the job at hand.

2.) Be weary of Remodeling / General Contractors that appear to be disrespectful of the agreed upon schedule or you have a hard time reaching. This may be a tale-tale sign of inconsistency and of things to come. Guard against situations whereas you end up paying, but don’t see the results of the work agreed upon (matching the contracted payment schedule.)

At Straight-Line Construction, you can rest assure that we’ll take any concern out the minds of our valued client. By always providing quality work, scheduled results and customer service with a smile, you can finally feel confident that you’re in good hands. Call us today at (951) 200-3115 and discover why we’re the right choice for all of your Home Improvement, Emergency Home Repair Service, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling, Commercial & Residential Fence Repair, Chain Link Fence Replacement, Fence Installation and more!

Payment Schedule

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