Do’s and Don’ts of hiring a Local General Contractor

Tips on hiring a Local General Contractor in Murrieta & Temecula, CA

Local General Contractor

1.) Nowadays, most states require home improvement contractors to be licensed. Make sure the General Contractor in Murrieta you’re considering has a valid Contractors license for California. As a rule of thumb, all licensed General Contractors should have a valid license number. Make sure the Bathroom Remodeling Contractor, Kitchen Remodeling Contractor,  General Contractor can be verified by company name, owner name and license number. That’s your first sign to allow any Remodeling Company the opportunity to do the job you’re looking to have done.

2.) You may want to verify how long the General Contractor has been in business or how long he or she has been in the Industry. Straight-Line Construction has been in the Industry for decades and has been licensed to do all New Build or Remodeling Contracting work in the County of Riverside, CA.  This is to ensure you peace of mind, not to mention that you know you’re dealing with a well-established licensed Local General Contractor.

That’s not all…

3.) Moving along to the costs associated with your Home Improvement Project in Temecula or Murrieta, CA… Your General Contractor  will most likely include all the work, materials, labor, time and a payment schedule itemized for your convenience and understanding. Accepting verbal arrangements may not be enough. That’s why the professionals at Straight-Line Construction always supply each customer with a professional quote and usually get the job done on time and under budget.

So before you just hire any ole’ Joe out there, make sure your covered with a Licensed Professional who can do the all you need and more. Straight-Line Construction is well knowledgable and experienced to have the right credentials for all Home Improvements Remodeling Jobs, such as:

  • Local General Contractor
  • Home Improvement Contractor
  • Emergency Home Repair Service
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling
  • Commercial & Residential Fence Repair
  • Commercial & Residential Chain Link Fence
  • Commercial & Residential Fence Installation

Call Straight-Line Construction today at (951) 200-3115 and get the best at a fraction of the cost!

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